Visiting the "Webscuola" site at the end of November 2000, eight Italian schools decided to join the English workshop and from the 1st of December they started to use computers and Internet... very, very often!

First of all, they had to read e-mail and forum messages in English (and translate them into Italian), then, they had to join the chats (in English, of course) and later, they had to write a text about a "recommended" castle or palace in their local area; at the end, they also wrote a description of their grandparents' houses when they were young.

They sent all this material (texts, photos, drawing, etc.) to the tutor via e-mail and some of them created their own Web pages.

Then, they surfed the Net looking for information useful to answer the questions of three cyber treasure hunts about famous and ordinary houses abroad, in English-speaking countries.

However, it wasn't easy at all! They had to respect some important deadlines and be present to the chats.

Our aims were:

Our methodology was:

We believe that this was a unique opportunity in order to meet new friends all over Italy (keypals, in this case), to work all together in a different, but stimulating way : it was a true example of "edutainment", that is "education and entertainment"!!

Don't hesitate longer: go and explore our pages about houses in history, around the world, at the turn of the Millennium.

And please, write back, telling us your comments, suggestions, critics...

Our tutor would like to know your opinion: