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Radio services in Britain offer a great variety of programmes

Radio 1

Radio 2

Radio 3

Radio 4

Radio World Services

For rock and pop For entertainment and sport For music, drama, documentaries For news and information services Important BBC Radio which transmit in 36 languages apart from English

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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was established in 1927 and began to transmit regular programmes in 1936

BBC 1 presents more programmes of general interest, such as comedy, light entertainment, sport, current affairs, children’s programmes and outside broadcast BBC 2 (1962) places greater emphasis on minority interests, but also provides documentaries, travel programmes, serious drama, music, programmes on pastimes and international films
The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) was founded in 1954 and began to transmit in 1955
Channel ITV (1955) Ensures the some BBC 1’s programmes Channel 4 (1982) Ensures the some BBC 2’s programmes
The BBC and the IBA each operate a teletext service, offering constantly updated information on a wide variety of subjects, including news, sport, travel information, local weather conditions and entertainment.
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