English press: then & now

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o you know everything about the history of English journalism?

A Which periodical came first?
  1. The Tatler
  2. The Review
  3. The Spectator
B When was the first issue of The Spectator published?
  1. 1704
  2. 1709
  3. 1711
C Who wrote for The Review?
  1. J.Swift
  2. J.Addison
  3. D.Defoe
D In which periodical most of C.Dickens's novels were serialised?
  1. Household Words
  2. The Punch
  3. The Westminster Review
E When was The Times founded?
  1. 1785
  2. 1855
  3. 1875
F In which novel by G.Orwell has the main character (Winston Smith) to re-write past issues of The Times?
  1. Animal Farm
  2. Coming up for Air
  3. 1984
G The Independent is a :
  1. tabloid
  2. quality newspaper
  3. magazine
H The circulation of The Sun, a popular newspaper, is
  1. 2.2 million
  2. 3.2 million
  3. 4.2 million

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