English press: then & now

Which was the first means of mass communication? What about the birth and development of the English periodical press?
And nowadays which are the most important newspapers and magazines?




The TUTOR, Ms Anna Pasini, answers some questions
about the production of this workshop

  1. Who suggested the topic?
    - The fantastic WEBSCUOLA staff, in collaboration with me
  2. When did this online project start?
    - It started at the beginning of April 2003
  3. How long did it last?
    About two months
  4. How was each class involved ?
    First, they chose the topic and subscribe the workshop. Then, they were involved in chats, using the English language, and had to write messages (email, forum). Eventually, they did researches surfing the Web and reading books in order to write their own texts about the topic they have chosen. They also sent me the material by email.
  5. Do you need to be an expert in IT to join this kind of activities?
    Not at all! Both Webscuola staff and me are always ready to help you to face problems.
  • If you want to ask other questions or send suggestions, comments, etc., please don't hesitate any longer and write to me:
  • annapasini@yahoo.it