English press: then & now

Are you curious to know everything about us??!
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Here we are!

We are 4 B, 17 boys coming not only from Grottaglie but also the neighbourhood (as San Marzano, Carosino, San Giorgio and Villa Castelli ).
Our boys has got many interests, first of all football, and football teams as Juve, Milan, Inter, and other sports as Kick Boxing, swimming and basket, and volleyball, Silvestro and Angelo are two wonderful musicians and next to Christian a little computer genius, Pasquale and Gianfranco are funny comics always ready with our friends Marcello, Riccardo and Rocco to make revelry!
But our girls are  able to face the comparison: we have journalists, as Elsa and Giulia, a singer as Alessia, an English lover as Albachiara, a cartoonist as Rosaria,  our little mamy Rosanna and Enrica our crazy and funny girl!

And here in the first line, with a violet waistcoat and a light blue pullover Albachiara and Giulia, always ready to catch all which could deal with English and Journalism.

Giulia is in fact deep involved in the creation of our school magazine, always running with her recorder and block notes, necessary to her interview. She’s very active and nice, she adores to meet her friends in the evening, to sing and enjoy with them.

Albachiara adores to listen and read all which is concerning with English as songs, books, etc. She’s  anidle girl and loves preparing cakes and crepes for her friends, she’s sweet but don’t provoke her!

Two years ago...another great Webscuola workshop!