When you sit at a table with some British people do not feel obliged to say something like" buon appetito". In Britain they do not use this formula.

Tea is the national hot drink in Britain. "A nice cup of tea" is welcome at any moment of the day. The British like their tea strong with milk. But also Japanese people like tea. Read more about traditional food in UK or in Japan!
tea site: http://www.tea.co.uk/


Espresso coffee is not very common in Britain. The Britsh usually drink instant coffee, or percolated cofee, which is filtered. They pour it into a mug and generally drink it with milk.


Bread is usually sliced from a loaf and can be white or brown. It is used toasted for sandwiches and is almost always butter. Our " panini" are called rolls.


You will seldom see a table cloth during a meal. The British prefer to use mats and coasters, which are easier to clean.