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About us

PETER PAN: our "Preschool" Project

Here you'll find the description of our project that it will carry out in details next year.

Our attention will focus on the creation of a day nursery or a preschool, so we started from the choice of the name of this institution for young children.

After a long discussion in our class, we have decided to call it: Peter Pan, from the well-known protagonist of the novel (but also a play) written by James M. Barrie in 1904.

Peter Pan, the boy who woudn't grow old, reminds us of an imagine of the childhood as happiness and joy.

First, we started from a research about the Reggio Emilia approach, an avantgarde pedagogical theory and practice, that has become an important point of reference all over the world.

Then, we are planning a visit to an innovative municipal day nursery situated in our local area, precisely in Vigevano.

  Peter Pan Project  

A meaningful quotation about childhood
from a famous Romantic English poet,
William Wordsworth.


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