About us


This site was created thanks to a Comenius Project that
our school ISIS "C: POLLINI" in Mortara (Italy)
joined in 2004
along with Germany and Latvia as partner countries

We strongly believe that school can be a kind of launch pad into work,
because it gives you not only the foundations for learning skills and knowledge,
but also good opportunities for job training and qualification,
as well as it offers you a period of work experience.

Our project, in particular, aims at creating our own preschool
since one of our future occupation could be a nursery nurse.

Laughing children
our project!
  SCHOOL: a Launch Pad into WORK  
Reggio Emiia atelier In the quest for models of quality educational programmes, the "Reggio Emilia Approach" stands out as a landmark since it is internationally recognized as an avant-garde pedagogical philosophy and an innovative experience in the educational field. As a consequence, our research started from there and you'll find many pages in this site dedicated to it.
Moreover, a recent newspaper article reaffirmed its importance and value.

The following phase of our project will be
a visit to a day nursery in our local area
in Vigevano,
because of the originality of that Municipal nursery,
called "Pollicino".

Last, but not least, you'll find information about a good example of
how some students of our school created a firm at the end of the study course: explore the Equal experience.

Last updated: 4.5.2005