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a cooperative firm after school

Among the best practices of our school, there is the experience of a group of our students who created a cooperative firm at the end of the course.

This is certainly a good example of how school can become a launch pad for work

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Some DATA about EMPLOYMENT in our AREA
In 2000 data about employment show a rate of unemployment of 45,7% in the area near Pavia. Women are the most unfavoured ones. The situation is even worse for young women graduaded from a high school. The rate of unemployment is about 72% for women who are from 25 to 39 years old.

In this context Equal Project was born just to support employment for young people and in particular for women making the access to the world of labour easier.

Tha main aim of Equal is to try new ways to struggle against women and young people unemployment by the creation of social undertakings.

All this is made with the co - operation of the municipality and other local organization, some schools and some firms working in this area.


Seventeen students of the fourth and fifth classes took part in Equal European Community Project to estabilish a new firm in which young agro technicians are able to supply biological farms, technicians and certified organizations with services and technical assistance.

Biological agriculture seems indeed to be the best way to link productivity and protection of the environment and nowadays a large number of new biological farms are growing up both in national and international territory.

This new firm is able to supply the following services:

  • cadastral aspects concerning grounds
  • a careful lab analysis of ground samples to see what it is made of
  • identifying diseases and infesting weeds
  • identifying agro protection methods
  • land turnover arrangement
  • land and manuring management
  • filling out all the necessary information on official documents or survey reports

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