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About us

The COMENIUS Project:

Modern Experience in Vocational Education
as Basement for Improvement of its Quality and Development

European Union flag


The Three European Partner Countries

Italy, Mortara Germany, Konstanz Latvia, Malpils

Aims of the project:
  • Improvement of the quality of the professional education and strengthening of European dimension in the professional training
  • Promotion of the moblity and of international co-operation between schools
  • Forming and stregthening of connections between the new and the existing member states of the European Union

Specific tasks:

  • Exchange of experience and information between project partners and associated institutions
  • Distribution and recording os successful examples of practical methodical work
  • Involving of the pupils into the processes of innovation and development of schools

Expected impact

  • Each partecipating institution will acquire new information and experince, in order to arrange a learning more attractive to create closer connections with the society, labour market and educational establishments
  • By the use of innovative teaching and training methods, as well as new information and communication technologies, the students are trained better, so they will have better possibilities of employment and competitive powers in the labour market
  • The spreading of the project results will promote cooperation with local community and other vocational schools

End products

  • Cd version of the project results as well as Internet Web-sites in different languages