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ISIS "Pollini" School Mortara, Italy

ISIS "C.Pollini"
Mortara - ITALY

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A school in the heart of "Lomellina"

VigevanoThe area called "Lomellina" reaches the western area round the city of Pavia, in the north of Italy, and it occupies a part of "Pianura Padana" included among Po, Ticino and Sesia rivers.

In addition to the most known and important centres ( Vigevano, famous for shoes manufacturing, is a touristic destination with its art treasures such as Ducal Square and the Sforza's Castle) , also some small towns are rich in historical and artistic elements.

This area was completely marshy till the Middle Ages: nowadays environment is the result of a Rice fieldsbig reclamation made by Lomellina inhabitants who turned this land into the most fruitful ones in Italy; the Sforzas, experimenting rice cultivation, built a set of very useful tubes giving this area the title of " queen of rice".

The Vocational Institute "Ciro Pollini" has been in Mortara, a small town in the heart of the fruitful plain of Lomellina, for more than thirty years. It was born first only as a course of study about agriculture and environment.

Mortara: Palazzo LateranenseIn 2001 a new course has been opened in our school addressed to students who want to become skilful in Social Services; in 2002 a third course has been added for students who want to learn how to work in hotel trade. The choice to undertake these new courses of studies, started from our school, will offer a wide training possibility to make the entrance to working world easier for young people.

In particular, this project has been carried out by the class 4E ( 2004 / 2005) of the Social Services course in collaboration with the teacher of English, Ms Anna Pasini, who also created the web site, and Ms Annalisa Negri.

The teachers and the students would also like to thank very much for this project: Mr Alberto Hénin, the headmaster, and Mr. Andrea Reina, the coordinator teacher of the Comenius Project.


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