Australia at a glance
an Annotated Web-resources Bibliography

Here you'll find a list of interesting sites, even if not exhaustive, as you can easily imagine. It is just a starting point. There are some official sites, some sites for kids but also lists of links and search engines. It's a long list, I know, but there are thousands and thousands of sites about Australia and it's very difficult to select only a few! The first ones are sites about Australia in general, followed by sites about each specific topic (but of course, in some cases they can be useful to other topics, too). We tried to avoid, as much as possible, any commercial site. All sites have been checked on 20th May 2001.


Australia in brief 2000

Authoritative and introductory site about different aspects of Australia
(created by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs)
( in particular, look at : Australia 2000; Olympic games; Environment and history; Australia now - education)
Recommended as a starting point to get an overview of Australia.

Facts & Figures

Fabulous facts
Quick facts
A brochure
a clickable map

Centenary of Federation

Trishan's OZ

Simple, but useful site, very well done by a young boy and his dad;
Excellent photos.

Australia Down Under


All Australian (an overview of everything)

A-Z about Australia (you can look for a word, find some quick information and links)


Australian Department of Foreign Affairs
Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C.
National Library of Australia
nteresting the section "Images1", in the same site, with old pictures and drawings
National Library of Australia - Canberra
It suggests trails, for example, "Australians and the Olympics"
Australian Cultural Network
National Museum of Australia
(try: Education and Games)

WWW Virtual Library

Virtual Australia

A commercial site, but useful to see photos (photo tour), listen to radio (live radio), connect to webcams (Live camera), have information about time, weather, latest news. Have a look at "Education" to listen to the national anthem and get general informations.

Guide to Australia (Charles Sturt University)

A collection of links to all major on-line information resources about Australia (culture, geography, nation, science - education, tourism, cities, commerce, etc.)


Wildlife & Nature
Environment Australia online
(try "search" or "site index")
Australian Institute of Marine Science
National parks in NSW
Great Barrier Reef
(an overview)
Aussie Animals
Fact sheets about koala (and not only)
Links about kangaroo



Tourist attractions

Sydney (to start with)
Sydney Opera House
Historical Sydney
Bondi Beach
Webcam in Sydney
Coober Pedy
Opal Festivals & Mines
Tourism New South Wales
National parks in NSW
Guide to South Australia
Australian Tourist Commission (official site)


History & Population

Australian history outline
Australian History on the Internet
Published by the Australian Embassy in Washington D.C., it's a brief account of the history of Australia.
Indigenous Australian (the Aborigines)
A quiz about Aborigines
Aboriginal art and culture ( a bit more commercial)
Australia as a multicultural society




Netdays Australia 2000
Open Access College - School of the Air
Oz Education (an overview)
Australian Education System
Department of Education
Education Network of Australia
The Royal Flying Doctor Service



Language & Traditions

Australian English
Click on G'Day
(you can listen to the Aussie accent)
Australian folk songs
Waltzing Matilda (+ audio) (+ audio)
Chrissie (Xmas) Down Under



Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
About surfing



Just for fun!!

from Sydney to koalas,
from beaches to Antartic
Compare Dublin to Sydney
Just view (absolutely DON't copy) amazing photos of Australia


From A to Z (

More links

Useful search engines:

Two Australian search engines:
Matilda search engine

Have a nice surfing!!!