I am an Italian teacher of English and I love Internet and its learning potentialities. To tell the truth, I'm very fond of the Net! I love surfing and exploring new sites for hours, but also creating Web pages with my young students.
By the way, I teach in a Scuola Media Statale ("G.Robecchi") in Vigevano (PV) not far from Milan, in the north of Italy.
I also love travelling abroad, going to the seaside in summer (as you can see ...) and I adore cats. But koalas, too, are so tender (I'm just stroking one of them!)
I think Internet can be a stimulating media to learn English ...absolutely not boring! And thanks to Internet I had the unique opportunity to meet some lovely colleagues who live in Australia, in Japan and in Italy and stay in touch with them.
I can also chat with far away friends, as it happened in this workshop, and work with them.
My students, too, even if quite young (11-13 years old), like using computers and creating something new, according to their imagination and age.

Please, write me back and tell me your suggestions, criticisms, opinions...What you like or don't like, what you agree or disagree...how you would improve our site...and so on. I do hope to hear from you very, very soon and thank you!
BYE for now!

Ms Anna Pasini