Introduction & Methodology

This website is the result of a collaborative on-line project among six Italian schools and supported by Webscuola, the virtual community of Italian schools. Our purpose was educational.

It started on 2nd April 2001 and finished on 25th May 2001.

The subject, suggested by the tutor of this workshop, Ms Anna Pasini, was "AUSTRALIA: the land DOWN UNDER"! 2001 is a special year in OZ because it is the centenary of its birth as an independent nation. Moreover, Australia is a unique country, a land of great contrasts and a multicultural society. Any examples? Its landscape and wildlife are so unusual that you can find them nowhere else in the world; the largest city, Sydney, hosted the 2000 Olympic Games; the Aboriginal culture is still alive there; in the Outback students attend the well-known "School of the Air".

We were a fantastic virtual team and we worked all together on our project that aimed at creating a Web site about this interesting island continent. So, each class had to surf the Net to find information about the topic they chose, related to Australia, such as: "tourist attractions", "education", "sport", etc. They started visiting the sites suggested by the tutor on each subject and you can see the list of the selected sites in the "link" page. Then they wrote down their own hypertext about their topic and sent it to the tutor, who eventually put all the material together.

A very stimulating part of our project was also the chance to talk together, that is, we had four chats (in English, of course) so useful in order to practice the language. In particular, we had a fantastic chat with an Aussie teacher, Mrs Cheryl Kerr. The Italian students asked her many questions about her country, from different points of view, from culture and young people lifestyle to sport and education. You'll find some extracts of this chat in the "education" pages. It was a great chance really to talk in real time, time zone permitting: actually, it was morning in Italy but evening in Australia! In the education pages, you'll also find a list of Australian schools and their email addresses. Moreover, we talked about Australian culture and language in our second chat, as you can read in the "language" pages.

We were always in touch by email or through the forum message board.

Our main aims were:

The methodology was:

This was an important opportunity for students to be involved in a collaborative online project.

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