(Class 2B - L.S. "G.Moscati", Grottaglie, Taranto)

The Australian education system varies slightly from state to state and the Australian school system is made up of government and privately owned schools, but all schools are monitored by the Australian Government.

Here you'll find a list of Australian schools.

Many private schools have been set-up in association with religious groups or ethnic communities.

Schools in Australia are sensitive to the needs of students from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The general model of education system in Australia is:

There are some alternatives to University, for example: Apprenticeships or TAFE (Technical and Further Education).

The course of studies goes on for 13 years and in the final year of secondary school the government endorses a certificate.

Completion of secondary school in Australia offers you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with life in Australia and develop your English language skills before undertaking further study.

Teaching/ learning approach is based on a student-centered model which instils confidence. Read more about the school system, week and subjects.

All Teachers are University trained and Teachers of Secondary School are specialized in subject areas.

Australian schools offers a high standard of education.The majority of students attend public schools and universities, but there is also a wide range of private schools at all levels. Public schools are free to Austalian citizens, but University attendance costs around $4000 a year (depending on your course), which can be paid directly for a 25% discount, or can be taken out as an intrest free loan from the government, to be paid back in installments when your salary is greater than something like $25,000 a year. This is called HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme).